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FAT Artisan Style Chalk Paint
FAT Artisan Style Chalk Paint We love FAT Paint !! WHY? Angie has experimented with all other commercial brands of chalk paint including Annie Sloan, Amy Howard, Country Chic and others and prefers FAT brand paint overall for its superior coverage and blending properties. Even her circle of friends who paint their own furniture at home prefer the FAT paint and have all converted to this brand. On the plus side, FAT is a Canadian company and a lot less expensive than the competition!! There is very little prep time, if any, to create masterpieces. It transforms old furniture, frames, bowls, mason jars into works of art. We love the smooth application and even coverage, it's like painting bliss. We carry all 43 brilliant FAT Chalk Paint colours, waxes and Top Coat as well as all of the Amanda Forrest colours. Try our Chalk Paint 101 class, once you start you'll fall in love with painting with chalk paint.
HOMESTEAD HOUSE MILK PAINT Milk Paint at its finest. We carry 20 of their more popular colours of this wonderful paint as well as Homestead House stains and waxes.
JEFF WIZNIAK PHOTOGRAPHS Our Cousin, Jeff Wizniak An amazingly talented photographer has honored us to share his remarkable pictures in our store.  We can print one of his pictures to any size. You've got to pop in to see our display of his work and the binder of his collection.

SIGN WORKSHOP !!  $65.00

Paint your own custom sign to add a personal touch to your home! Or give it as a unique gift.  

Every Thursday and alternating Friday evenings from 6:30-8:30ish we will provide you with the guided steps and materials needed to complete your very own hand painted sign.  You do not need to bring anything but your enthusiasm!

The Laundry sign pictured here is and example of the style of sign you will be creating. The size of the signs are approximately 20" x 15".

Our Private Sign Parties are super popular and extremely fun.  Call (204) 222-5340 soon to book your Friday or Saturday night as they get booked fast.


CLICK HERE to view all sign choices

FUN FRIDAYS !!  $65.00

Every other Friday, 6:30pm - 8:30pm is project night.  At our Fun Fridays workshop we will provide you with the fun project, assistance and all the supplies needed to paint a new and fun piece.  

Every week is a brand new project so that you'll never have to paint the same thing over and over again.
Must be of legal drinking age as one complimentary glass of wine is included in the class price.

Click here to see the projects for this month.

HEY!!! and by the way..., if you like a project but don't want to or unable to find the time to join us.., we'll happily make and paint it for you!!!  Just call us at (204) 222-5340 to put in your order and we'll have it ready for pick-up in just a couple of days.

Cool idea eh?


Every Saturday afternoon (12-2pm) we have a different and fun project to paint.  Pictures are coming soon but we will be painting flower boxes, garden posts, mason jars with its own box and Paint Your Picture Frame (you provide).

And when the weather finally breaks we will be setting up a canopy outside so that we can paint in the fresh air.  Lemonade will be served.  If it rain, we'll go into our studio to continue the fun.

Click here to see more projects and to register.

Our dream is to have The Painter’s Café be an inspiration to someone. A place where people who love to see old furniture and signs come to life again. Whether it’s with a new coat of paint or whether we design and paint it that way.  So come on in, have a walk around or pull up a chair and PAINT something!.....we’ll even bring you a cup of coffee. Just enjoy yourself.

What we do around here at The Painter's Cafe


We have a large assortment of lovely gifts starting at $10 to decorate your home, cottage, man cave or FemDen and most are home-made by us or by our friends.  We also sell Gift Certificates in any denomination.


Angie is always painting old furniture in the most perfect look.  We focus on painting solid wood pieces so that we can achieve a beautiful rustic elegance using a variety of painting, distressing and waxing techniques.  All our painted furniture is available for purchase from our store or you can hire Angie to paint your furniture for you in the comfort of our large studio.  Call us at (204) 222-5340 to ask us about painting your furniture for you.

See more of her beauties HERE


If you are looking for a one of a kind, truly original custom hand painted sign, then Angie is the gal you need to speak to.  She doesn't use stencils or vinyl or silk-screening, she paints with a brush in one hand and a coffee cup in the other and uses old barn or fence boards of all sizes to create that old rustic look.  She's bringing back the good, old wood signs that are truly one of a kind.  All you need to do is come into the store and between you and Angie, you will design the perfect sign.

We have a huge selection of signs in the store just ready for you to take home or to the cottage or lake. 

This is just the tip of the artistic iceberg of her creations. 


Learn how to paint with Chalk Paint $75.00
Tuesday evenings 6:30-8:30pm we teach you how to correctly paint with chalk paint, some distressing techniques and how to finish your project with waxes for a unique look.  You will leave here with confidence and excitement to rush home to paint all day long.  It's addicting! 

We supply the project (tray), paints, supplies, coffee, tea and the amazing company of new friends.

Click here to register

Milk Paint 101

We will do our very best to send you out a monthly newsletter to inform you of our upcoming events, available Private Party dates, more sign choices and a bunch of other interesting tid-bits. 

We promise to do this only once a month.


Sunday & Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday - Friday: 10:00 - 6:00pm

Saturday: 10:00 - 5:00pm


#1, 2089 Plessis Road (at Grassie Blvd)

(204) 222-5340



We've had to change the format of our Paint-It-Forward, Team Building campaign as we were running out of furniture to donate, which is a good thing, but we had to think of something else to continue giving back to the community.  Angie had the brilliant idea of doing a Sign Workshop specific to animals!  We donate the supplies, you choose your animal sign (coming soon) and date and together we will donate your sign to D'Arcy's Arc  which will be available for purchase with all proceeds going toward an emergency purpose. 

This is an OPEN workshop, meaning that anyone can sign up to participate or you can book the time for your Team.

How wonderful is that!!

Lots of fun and a great team building experience ending with a heart-warming donation. 

Our Paint-It-Forward dates are usually held on Wednesday afternoons (1-3ish) or whichever is more convenient for your group. 

Call us at 204-222-5340 to reserve your spot now or Click Here to book a spot or 2 or 3.

We are sisters sharing one brain. LOL! But it’s true! Michele Zubrin is the left side and Angie Zubrin is the right side.....in even simpler terms, Michele is the business and Angie is the brush. After many years of wanting to work together we finally settled on a concept where our strengths come naturally. We’re so fortunate to be opening a business where we both feel confident and even more grateful to be on this road together. Angie has spent her entire career as a graphic designer then racing home in the evenings and weekends to spend the rest of her time painting furniture and signs. Michele had her feet grounded in the office-side of things and......2 cats.