Michele and Angie Zubrin The Painters Cafe Winnipeg


The Journey

We opened our very own store in June 2017, both green as grass but determined to make it work.  Angie took the leap of faith and quit her job after 18 years and began painting all the furniture she could get a hold of while Michele concentrated on all the details for setting up the 'fun'.

Soon after our grand opening the media found us and we did radio, newspaper and TV interviews, in fact, The Breakfast show was aired live direct from our store. How cool is that?

We sold paints and brushes and home made painted items and had our first 'Learn How to Paint Furniture' workshop in September.  It was a hit and held the class every Tuesday.

How it all started...

Then Angie suggested that we host Sign Painting workshops with Michele being the host.  "I haven't picked up a paint brush since high school!"  Michele exclaimed. Well, once a week workshop turned into almost every night along with private parties. Michele even created her own signature look to rustic signs.

Dad, who had his own commercial sign painting company for over 50 years giggles while watching us paint signs...,"my daughters are sign painters" he said with a proud smile.  Maybe we should have called our store 'Zube and Daughters' Sign Painters.

It's now 2020, the year of Covid-19.  Because the lion share of our income was based on group workshops and with the implementation of social distancing, we were forced to close our store in March.

However, the sad ending of our first store closure hasn't stopped us or put a damper on our passion.  We are just as happy and busy painting from the garage as we were in the store because of the great support from the friends of The Painter's Cafe. Thank you.

Also.., a huge Thank you to Charlene Z. Jacqui R. Charlene D. Nicole D. Jay Z. Mel C. & Jody P. for their help when we needed them most.

Michele was always into the business side of life having more jobs than she could count as she has a teensy-weensy problem with authority (LOL). Now she has a chance to argue with herself and yet still lose. (This was an actual a quote written about her in her Junior High yearbook write-up.)

So with that being said, we decided to concentrate on Angie's passion of painting furniture while Michele ran the store and argued with herself. 

2 Winnipeg sisters with a passion for hand painting rustic wood signs and a whole lot more.

The Thought

We've always wanted to start our own business together because we enjoy each others company, and besides, we could yell at each other and not worry about getting fired. Angie is the artsy one and Michele is the one with the business brains, a perfect pair, but we didn't know exactly what kind of store would be the best fit for the both of us.

The Start

During her summer vacation in 2015 from her previous job as a Graphic Designer, Angie really started to concentrate on painting beat up old furniture into something new and gorgeous. Although she has been doing so since high school, that summer really stirred up something special.