Rick's Corner
Rick's Corner Amazing 3D signs. Prices range from $30 - $65. These go quickly!
Sara's Corner
Sara's Corner A variety of rope baskets (some hanging) and trays. Prices range from $15 - $45.
Lisa's Corner
Lisa's Corner Wonderfully smelling 100% vegetarian soaps. $8 each.  Angie took one home for herself but her daughter took it before Angie had a chance to enjoy.
Please support our local artisans.., We Do!!
We've added a Crafter's Corner to our store to help support local artisans.
SHOP LOCAL my friends.

THANK YOU for your interest in joining The Painter’s Café Crafter’s Corner.  The Painter’s Café is proud in supporting local artisans in a cooperative environment who wish to showcase their hand-made crafts. 

We are very limited to the space available to our Crafters but will keep a waiting list open.


  • Hand-crafted and handmade items only.
    • Pre-manufactured, mass produced, imported merchandise or advertising for outside services will NOT be permitted
  • No signs or furniture allowed as we paint our own for sale here
  • All applicants are juried to avoid duplication of wares and to ensure that it is suited to our genre therefore we request that you submit a limit of 6 jpegs of your handi-work directly to Michele@thepainterscafe.com (unfortunately pictures are unable to be attached via our online application form) Sorry for that inconvenience.
    • Please do not request that we go to any of your social media pages to view your work; we are receiving many applications and wading through the internet is not possible.
  • Your credit card will be processed at the beginning of each month or at the date of set-up then processed monthly from that date forward. No refunds will be issued once processed.
  • Your sales will be carefully logged and the monthly sales will be e-Transferred to your valid email address or texted to your cell phone number at the end of each month. 
    • It will be your responsibility to activate / set-up an eTransfer account.
  • It is your responsibility to pop in periodically during store hours (no exceptions) to keep your display populated and decorated if you like (battery powered lights and accessories only).
  • A visible price tag with your name, email address and cell phone number must be attached to every piece.  These tags will be removed and kept in a folder for proof of sales. 



While we endeavor to do as much advertising as we can; we expect that all crafters advertise the sale of their wares on their own social media pages clearly tagging The Painter’s Café as your host.  The more advertising done by all, the better your sales.



  • may be less expensive than renting a weekly table at a Craft Show
  • No need to man your display during store hours
  • Your crafts are available for sale 6 days a week
  • No long hours or weekends lost in travelling and set-up or take-down
  • We have no intention of requesting a percentage of your sales  😊 


Please act soon as this will be on a first come basis along with successful payment of rent.

If all this looks great to you and for you then please CLICK HERE to fill out the application form. To ensure security, I will call you for your credit card number to process.


Once again, Angie and I Thank you for your interest and look forward to meeting with you.

Crafter's Corner Information