Do you have a piece of furniture that Baba left you? Don't want to paint your own furniture? Then let Angie do her magic to transform an old tired looking piece into a truly piece of art by giving it a fresh new look that will last for more generations to come.  Start with an email to us , include the dimensions of the piece (height, width, depth) and we'll provide you with a base starting quote.  From there we'll work together as to any additional features like distressing and antiquing.  Angie is like a shark at an eating frenzy when she starts painting furniture, her eyes roll into the back of her head and she starts drooling with anticipation as to the finished piece. 

You won't be disappointed with her artistic ability in painting your old furniture into something new.


Angie has painted so many pieces for so many people that her before and after pictures it would take up pages and pages on this website.  When you are ready for her to paint your furniture into a classic piece of art, send a picture and the dimensions of your piece and a picture of what you are envisioning to and she'll send you a starting quote.

Angie's amazing furniture painting talent.

Angie has the most incredible talent to take old forgotten and pushed aside furniture into stunning pieces of art.  She absolutely loves turning old furniture into a new-old rustic look and loves to add an old logo, if requested, to add to the rustic look.  She is like a shark in a feeding frenzy as her eyes roll back into her head and starts to drool with excitment and anticipation to create an amazing conversation piece just for you.  Seriously..., she's that good!