Private Parties, Teen Parties & Team Building


Calling all businesses!


Do you need a new place to have your Team Building get together at? Well then..., $45 per person will get you an afternoon of bonding and of painting your own rustic and weathered sign.  Size of sign is 10" x 16" and each guest can choose their own sign from our Sign Catalog


Minimum 6 to a maximum of 9 guests.

Call us at 204-222-5340 to book your afternoon of Team Building


Private Parties are a real blast here at The Painter's Cafe!  Even men enjoy painting signs!

$55 per person includes everything and a 'beverage'. 


Each and every guest can choose sign design of their choice from our Sign Catalog.  Sign size is 20"x14".


These parties book super fast and can be held on any evening you choose. Minimum 6 to a maximum of 9 guests.

Call us at 204-222-5340 to book.


Need a new place to have a Teen Birthday party, sports wind-up or a fun new place for a get together?  Come and paint a sign! 

Choose any one of these from our Teen Sign Catalog. 

Sign size is 10" x 14" and you paint with as many as 60 brilliant colours.

$35 per teen includes sign, pop and loads of fun and laughter.  You are welcome to bring a cake and other munchies but no hot food please, just make sure the cake is vanilla for Michele the Teacher!

These parties can be booked between the hours of noon and 3pm, Tuesday - Saturday. 

Minimum 6 and up to a maximum of 12 teens.  Minimum age of 12.

Call us at 204-222-5340