Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home 16" x 7" includes jar and hooks and crafting supplies
Chalk Board with Shelf
Chalk Board with Shelf 14" x 22" includes hooks and chalk board
Christmas Sled
Christmas Sled 21" x 15" includes all crafting supplies
Laundry Room
Laundry Room 14" x 20" does not include your lost sock (LOL)
Serving Tray with Coasters
Serving Tray with Coasters 22" x 14"
How I Tell time
How I Tell time 14" x 16"
Trophy & Medal Rack
Trophy & Medal Rack 32" x 8" trophies and medals not included (haha)
Wine Glass Rack
Wine Glass Rack 21" x 7" glassware not included
Christmas Eve Box
Christmas Eve Box 12" x 8" x 6.5" Personalized
Coffee Rack Verticle
Coffee Rack Verticle 32" x 9" Mugs not included
Coffee Rack Horizontal
Coffee Rack Horizontal 32" x 9" mugs not included
Catch All
Catch All 16" x 14" jars and hooks included
Chalk Board (large)
Chalk Board (large) 22" x 22" black chalk board included
Stocking Hanger
Stocking Hanger 21" x 16" all finishing items included
Hallway Organizer
Hallway Organizer 17.5" x 16" keys and mags not included (LOL)
Ho Ho Ho
Ho Ho Ho 10.5" x 16" comes with pixie lights
Days Till Christmas
Days Till Christmas 20" x 14" comes with corn cob nose (haha)
Jersey 14" x 16" totally personalized
Christmas Tags
Christmas Tags 18" x 8" finishing supplies included
Christmas Mason Jars
Christmas Mason Jars 13" x 4" includes jars and finishing crafting items
Clock 14" x 14" mechanism included, personalized

Project Palooza  $65

NOW you don't have to paint what we tell you to paint!

Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturday evenings 6:30pm - 8:30pm and again on Saturday afternoon 12:00-2:00pm,  you can choose any project and this includes SIGNS ! At our Project Palooza we will provide you with the fun project, assistance and all the supplies needed to paint a new and fun piece. 

EACH guest can have their choice of Project!

Price includes 'fermented grape beverage'.

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