Come paint with me!

Booking now for:
Saturday March 21 and 28th

Saturday April 11 and 18th

Paint your own furniture

at your leisure with Angie.

We specialize in using FAT Brand Artisan Chalk Style paints.  These paints are Eco-friendly, low VOC, quick drying with amazing coverage and are CANADIAN. The best part is that there is no sanding or stripping necessary to begin with!!! (of course there are exceptions to every rule)

Select Saturdays from 10-5

$35/hr includes all the instruction and product needed to complete your piece in less than a day.  This event is becoming really popular and we're so happy to help out those who have never painted furniture before and are too shy to even start!. This gives you a chance to learn from scratch how to use chalk paint and bring home a finished piece in less than a day!! We've had many first timers turn into avid chalk painters and it's so wonderful to see the look of accomplishment on their faces as they show me pictures on their phone of all the pieces they've run home to paint. 


Simply attach a picture of what you are wanting to paint, the dimensions, a 'Pinterest' picture of the desired look (if applicable) and the colour and I will contct you to set up a date and time to play.

Nothing larger than a 3 drawer dresser please.


To book a Saturday date with Angie please email: