Charlene Z.

This firecracker walked into our store moments after we opened in June 2017 and according to her wanted to bring in her sleeping bag and live here.  She fell in love.  Char is our inspiration of projects, of interior designing and decorating our displays.  She also contributes her own home made signs to add another level of the signwork we have in the store.  And she is one of our wonderful instructors for our Sign and Project nights.

A business cannot work without the love and support of family and friends.  Allow us to introduce to you those who make The Painter's Cafe work.

A Little About Us: We are sisters sharing one brain. LOL! But it’s true! Michele Zubrin is the left side and Angie Zubrin is the right even simpler terms, Michele is the business and Angie is the brush. After many years of wanting to work together we finally settled on a concept where our strengths come naturally. We’re so fortunate to be opening a business where we both feel confident and even more grateful to be on this road together. Angie has spent her entire career as a graphic designer then racing home in the evenings and weekends to spend the rest of her time painting furniture and signs. Michele had her feet grounded in the office-side of things and......2 cats. Our dream is to have The Painter’s Café be an inspiration to someone, a place where people who love to see old furniture and signs come to life again. Whether it’s with a new coat of paint or whether we design and paint it that way.  So come on in, have a walk around or pull up a chair and PAINT something!.....we’ll even bring you a cup of coffee.

Just enjoy yourself.

Meet The Painter's Cafe Family

Jacquie R.

Jacquie, like Char, walked in one day and asked how she can help out as she too fell in love with our special little store.

She generously adds ideas to new project ideas, is a barrel full of laughs and is an instructor of our Sign and Project night. 

Marion Z.
Firstly, Who We Are

Here's our mom!! Marion is not only the janitor of the joint...she fills up our paint bottles too!! She's extremely thoughtful to us, her 2 donkeys as she calls us, by bringing in food.  Apparently and quite honestly, we usually forget to eat around here so her Welcome Wagon of food is always welcomed!

Marv Z.

This is our Dad. He made his living being a sign painter for around 50 years. (he started when he was 2...)

He's one of those kinds of people you envy because he doesn't need a computer in order to design or draw something. It comes from his head and his hand. A real artist.

He's painted everything from sides of semi's and highway signs and carnival rides, to pin-striping vehicles and golf carts. They're making documentaries on these old sign painters showcasing their unique skill - you only have to sit and watch him sketch and paint for a few minutes and you'd understand why it's such an incredible talent.

But enough about him....we let him help us out around the store now and then. He brings us McDonald's, cuts our wood and if he's lucky, we'll give him a cup of coffee and something to paint.

Here are some of the things he's painted and they're all here at the store!!! So come on down!!

Our Cousin, Jeff Wizniak, is one of the most amazingly talented photographers this side of the world (no bias here, hahaha).  Not only has his photography been awarded top honour in the amateur divison of National Geographic, he has honoured us to share and sell his remarkable pictures to you in our store.  Because of the extremely high resolution he uses, we can print his pictures to just about any size. 


You've got to pop in to see our display of only a handful of his work. We've put together a binder of over 200 pictures from his collection, and that is barely the tip of his collection. 

This is his page.  Go see for yourself just how amazing his pohotography is.

Jeff Wizniak